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Mon Potager app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 2112 ratings )
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Developer: Autour du Potager
0.99 USD
Current version: 4.8, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 07 Dec 2011
App size: 17.66 Mb

My Potager will allow you to completly manage your kitchen garden. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced gardener, you will find all the information youll need to grow more than 70 vegetables, flowers or herbs.
In addition to those plant descriptions, My Potager offers a tool allowing you to plan your complete garden over the year.

Here is the list of all the features of the application :

For each vegetable :
- A detailed description
- A calendar view showing the seeding and/or planting dates
- A calendar for the harvest dates

- Managing of several gardens
- Many size combinations (from 1x1 to 9x9)
- Planning of your gardens month after month
- Possibility to print or export your gardens as PDF or by email

- A tool to follow the harvests
- A moon calendar to perfectly grow your vegetables

- New : You can now enrich the existing database by creating your own plants.

Cherry on the cake ! You dont need any Internet connection, everything is working directly on your iPhone or iPad!

Pros and cons of Mon Potager app for iPhone and iPad

Mon Potager app good for

Such a useful tool for me because I can create my own entries and have an adapted database for the country I am in (Egypt). The other app My seeds is also awesome.
The app is great with many vegetables, growing infos and seed and harvesting schedules. Unfortunately the given bedsizes are not flexible enough for my garden. Most of my beds are rectangular, longer than 9 fields and tapering on one end. For me it would be a great bonus if you could set triangular beds too (I know, this is not "square foot" but my garden shape also isnt :) )

Some bad moments

This app has some potential, but there are a few technical glitches here and there (eg. It lets you exit certain screens without warning you that you havent saved your changes). Also, most of the information is still in French, including the help screen. There are also some things that arent correct in the app. Such as, the app saying it takes 8 months to grow carrots. It also doesnt give much information on how to plant and cultivate the vegetables (eg. Should they be started indoors, how do you know when theyre ready to be harvested, etc), it just gives you a description of the plant and then symbols to tell you how far apart to plant them, etc.
I am just beginning to use this app, but am so excited that i feel obligated to share my reasoning in this review. Gardening is a pastime that requires time, patience and guidance. There are so many choices, so many minute details to remember about each species, that to plan confidently requires years of familiarity with each plants idiosyncracies and vulnerabilities. Without expert guidance, gardening is an exciting but bound-to-be-frought-with-disappointments adventure into the Realm of the Divine, the creation and nurturing of Life. The very idea that this app might provide the expert guidance needed, through its organizational structure and gentle support for the daunting task ahead, brings down this soul from the dream sown clouds of the romantic philosopher, to enter enthusiastically the focused discipline of the furrowed fields of the earth aware. Sorry to be so poetic. Just trying to explain the feeling that impels me to give 5 stars to an app i havent really investigated deeply. Just the idea that there is a way that i could actually plan that garden dreamed of all these years, with support and expertise available within the limited framework of time that i must conform to, is so gratifying, i am compelled to respond in kind to its creators. It is the step beyond the gaming of wishful farmers that shocks me to realize it can be realized. Five stars for providing the structure for clear planning, with the details necessary for clear choices. Thankyou.
Thank you for making this app! I had thought of this two years ago but your design is way better. I have 14 raised beds of varying shapes and I plant 3 seasons of gardens. It is tough to organize on sticky notes or worse, garden labels. the app works great, but could be improved by a couple small enhancements. 1-copy paste from a garden square to another. 2-remember the last vegetable and months I chose. 3-allow me to rename my beds after I create it. Number one makes this a definite 5 star. Last, the english language is good but couple of things-allow us to choose US date format. I can live with everything else. Thanks!
This app is just what I needed to plan my little patio garden square by square. I love the ease of use as well as the fact that I can have it with me while Im away from the computer. I am so excited about finding this so I can do away with my paper planning! Thank you for writing such a nice app and for sharing your beautiful garden on potager tv! Inspiring!
The app is great for square foot gardening except its not exact on the dates to harvest. If they included a feature that allows you to select DAYS until harvest instead you choose from MONTHS....thats not exact enough
It is a great planning tool. It really helps with deciding what to grow and when to start seeds inside so they will be ready for transplant at the right time.